About the Business

The studio . . .

Ghastly Studio LLC is a private art studio in Raleigh, North Carolina. The studio is located in a residential community 0.1 miles off Creedmoor Road in a 500 square foot space in the lower half of my split-level home. Students will enter the studio space using the basement entrance that can be accessed in the backyard. There is an outdoor patio deck and indoor community room that can be used as a waiting space if needed.   

Ghastly Studio is equipped with a full size painting easel, ceramic work table, adjustable drawing table, and a Skutt kiln. The walls are covered with colorful murals and whimsical decorations. New students are encouraged to visit the studio prior to starting their first lesson to ensure the studio meets their learning needs.   

The instructor . . .

My name is Courtney Cappa and I am a licensed K-12 art teacher - CLICK HERE to view my most current NCDPI license. I decided to become a teacher because not only do I enjoy creating art, but I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with artists of all ages and skill levels.

While in college I studied a variety of different mediums, but focused the studio portion of my degree in drawing and ceramics. My artwork has been exhibited in over 30 exhibitions and my techniques and research has been published in 3 academic journals. Along with this I have earned a running total of $20,000 in state creative grants. Now that I am an established artist I spend the majority of my time creating art with a purpose to sell at festivals and local marketplaces.

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