Ray Everett Dahlia (he/they)

       Ray Everett Dahlia, an artist who creates work so hair-raising that they want viewers to have “a blanket of unease to envelope them.” when they see his work.


26-year-old, North Carolina based artist, Dahlia is pushing the limits in the ghoulish and macabre. “I love all things creepy, weird, and gross.” he says. 

       Dahlia is not sure when they first started getting into art, “It started as scribbling crayons on construction paper and I never looked back.”  They credit their high school art teacher as a major influence on their interest in art. “She encouraged us to try everything, never limit yourself, and never stop learning. Even though she was a high school teacher I was in an advanced art class while in middle school, so I had her for a few extra years. I am thankful to have known her for as long as I did, her lessons still come in handy to this day.”

       Creating art is vital to Dalia’s life. “It is a necessity. It is my best tool for working through life, it de-muds my brain.”


       Dahlia’s inspiration for their most recent collection of works titled “Ebb and Flow” is “constantly questioning if my pieces are odd enough." Furthermore, “Through this body, you see an exploration of what works and what does not. What concepts have to be in your face and what can be more subtle?” They want a viewer’s first reaction to be their interest being piqued, and perhaps uncomfortable. Dahlia aims to please those who enjoy the dark, weird side of life. 

       “When folks view my work I want a blanket of unease to envelope them. These pieces can include bodily injury, death, dark dogma, and implied desolation. All these subjects can tap into a primal fear that is buried deep within us all.”



       Our upbrings affect us all later in life whether we like it or not. Dahlia credits their upbringing as having a positive impact on his art.


       “My triplet siblings were born when I was in middle school. Money was stretched very thin but the family was always able to find me art supplies. I appreciated that they made a point to support this part of my life. I learned to take great care of my supplies, something that has been really helpful in the long run.”


       Furthermore, Dahlia credits his queer, pansexual, and non-binary identity as a large influence on his work.  


       “Being queer has absolutely influenced my work.  One ongoing series is called “Agenda” and it consists of various skulls. Each piece intentionally has all colors of the rainbow, perpetuating my spooky queer agenda.” 


To put it briefly, Dahlia continues to push the envelope in subjects of the horrific in morbid.


       And finally, here at Ghastly Gallery, we hope you enjoy Dahlia’s work.